Why Us

What is the Mess Goddess?

A teacher – We transfer organising skills to you so you can maintain what we put in place.

A coach – We keep your eye on the final goal and keep you on task.

A motivator – We figure out ways to give you quick “wins” that will motivate you to want to keep going!

A good listener – We help you understand why your previous efforts at organisation may not have been successful.

Resourceful – We are well-versed in many methods of organisation.

Creative – We don’t do one-size-fits-all organising solutions. Each client is unique and we will create systems that work to their strengths.

Objective – We bring a non-biased and impartial perspective to your situation.

How I will help you to become organised?
There is not “one step” for becoming organised. Personality types, work styles, and environmental influences, will all have an influence on what works best for someone.  We will help find the system that works best for you.  With our help, we will determine the areas in which you want to improve, including clutter control, time management, maximizing storage space, or juggling projects and priorities.

How long will it take to get organised?
Organisation is a process and difficult to measure in time. We prefer to think about “being organised” or “staying organised,” not “getting organised.”  It depends on the size of the project, your readiness to make choices, and your personal schedule.  Ultimately you control the time frame.  Mess Goddess can help you set up an organising system.  After which, the challenge is to continue to maintain it and work on it one day at a time. Our aim is to equip you with the systems, habits and tools to manage the change so that your life becomes simplified.  Leaving those  periods of feeling overwhelmed in the past.

Mess Goddess is a member of apdo-uk : the association of professional declutterers and organisers (uk).


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