Tania has an innate ability to create harmony and a luxurious simplicity in a living space. She has exquisite taste. Her expertise is transforming spaces into functional and beautiful environments. She is what I would call a “functional decorator” or even a “functional stager.” With her brilliant talent for color and layout, she has a way of making things just flow together. Her style is beautifully minimalistic, yet she has a way of adding just the right texture to the space to create dimension. This is seen in the way she “stages” and organises items in the room and in drawers, cabinets, and closets. I’d say Tania’s work completes the process of an interior designer’s work. She comes in when that is complete and adds a final touch that gives a home that “luxe” and “irresistible” feel. So unlike a stager who only improves the superficial aspects of a home for selling purposes, Tania organizes and “stages” a home so that those living in the homes can enjoy their homes to the utmost degree. She is also a pleasure to work with and has been a real blessing in my life.
Marie K, Film Producer and Actor, LA

I got to know Tania-Rose when she was a colleague.  The offices, the paperwork and administration all needed an overhaul and to be brought up to speed with current technology.  T-R transformed the filing system and re-organised the office which made life for us all a lot easier.  Helping to create a calmer environment, saving us time and ultimately money. She exudes a calm and organised persona and has always understood how the little things to do with organising work / living space add up to more than the sum of their parts.

S S,  Cambridge (Recruitment Executive)

Tania has a remarkable ability to create space in the smallest of places.  She sold me a London apartment, without much storage space, and made me a highly effective office, kitchen, living room and bedroom.  She also advised and consulted on a simliar challenge in Los Angeles.  I can not recommend her too highly.

M A, Westminister & Los Angeles (Film Director)

I can wholly recommend the decluttering skills of the Mess Goddess.  They were a godsend to me when after the birth of my first child – whipping our place into shape, and after they had restored order to my linen/towel cupboard I felt cloud lift! 

Y D, Dulwich, Solicitor

I have known Tania-Rose Mellis for 22 years and have seen her at home in both Australia and the UK. Her natural environment, is one of order and logical and stylish arrangement, but she never forgets the small touches that turn simple tidiness in to a pleasant environment to live in. My partner and I live in a large, old and very cluttered 3 bedroom appartment in north London. Within days she had rationalised our sprawling kitchen, ensuring that the items we used most often were easy to reach and logically grouped, and had turned our frankly speaking, shabby bathroom in to a little haven of tidiness and order.  T-R is open, approachable and trustworthy and I would have no doubts about recommending her services to anyone needing help in organising their living space.

F M, Chiswick, (Airline Execuative)

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