The Organised Life
Since starting Mess Goddess more then ten years ago many things have changed but what has remained the same is the basic fabric of peoples lives and how we relate to things we own. We are still a nation overwhelmed with too much stuff.

Working together room by room in your home, Tania and her staff will assess what can be recycled, discarded, sold, taken to a charity shop or kept. You will need to be open and ready for change, with your hands-on Mess Goddess at your side to guide, advising, teaching and supporting you.

Mess Goddess Charges

Home Treatments
Perfect for one-off decluttering blitzes of your home, or as regular sessions of ongoing help to keep you organised in the long term.

Telephone or Skype Consultation Free for 15 minutes and there after $75 an hour.

Consultant fee for renovations quoted case by case.  Packages for as low as 3 hours for $250.

Tania specialises in clever Built in Storage and is an expert on spacial design.

Charged at a consultation rate of between $100 & $175 an hour.

Moving & Declutter

Tania is available to over see the packing with your own removal firm.  This will ensure you get the attention detail normally unavailable in this industry. With her help you will save time and money.

Home Manual 

We’ll create the ultimate manual for your home, putting everything you need to know in one place. Including passwords, instructions for all your appliances, local emergency numbers, the many paint colours you’ve used and other useful information, a home manual makes difficult situations easy.  POA.

Cancelation and Postponement Policy

If a booking is cancelled or postponed with less then 48 hours notice, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged.  We understand that life is ever changing and rescheduling is never a problem.


Mess Goddess offers a written confidentiality agreement for your peace of mind.

A 20% handling fee will be charged for any items purchased on our clients behalf.

Mess Goddess offers a completely transparent fee based system.

Payment Methods

We accept payment via cash or bank transfer & PayPal.  A 50% deposit is required 48 hours before the work commences and then the other 50% at the finish of each day plus other costs incurred.  Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Gift vouchers

Follow-up maintance sessions


Speaking Engagements

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