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This post is to announce that I am beginning a Sabbatical from hands on Organising, effective immediately.  While I will take a Sabbatical from hands on, I will also be offering special services via Skype and I can still do radio interviews and new radio programs will be posted at my website as they occur.

After close to ten years helping my clients to simplify their lives and adding financial value to their homes and peace of mind to their lives. Mess Goddess has expanded and continues to change. Tania-Rose Mellis has been helping friends bring order to their homes for years.  After settling in the UK in 2002 she embarked on a career at the top end of the Property market in in the West End, working for the distinguished company Savills.

During my her time at Savills, she had much success.  Including, raising the per square foot value by 10% for property in Holland Park and Notting Hill.  and with some persuasion, she realised she should turn her passion into a business and now caters for clients in London, Europe and America.  She was the first Organiser in the UK to run this type of business full time.

Originally from Australia, Tania-Rose has lived all over the world.  The constant travel and relocation enabled her to fine-tune her exceptional natural talents as an organiser. Then upon the arrival of her daughter eight years ago all bets were off.  Happily the event simply proved that being ultra-organised is in her DNA.

Tania-Rose believes traditional housekeeping skills can play a vital role in our fast, modern lives.  She is a staunch advocate for the old adage ”a place for everything and everything in its place” and her innate aptitude for bringing  order back into people’s lives will ultimately save them time and money.

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